Set of 8 Buddhist Ritual Items In a Box Essential For Prayer and Meditation

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Buddhist Ritual Set Essential For Prayer and MeditationThis set contains 8 essential items that are necessary for Buddhist ritual, praying and meditation.1. Khada or Khata: Prayer scarf made of silk, khada is also offered to welcome the guest and while going for travelling for good luck.2. Prayer Flag: There are 5 colorflagshavingdifferentmeanings; blue representing sky, white representing cloud, red representing atmosphere, yellow is related to Sun and green is related to Earth. Also 5 pieces of clothrepresentsDhyani Buddhas.3. Asta Mangala: They areeightauspicioussigns,relating to wealthandprosperity.4. Rosary: Asymbolof endless cycle of birth and symbol of Avalokeswor in Buddhism used during prayer and meditation..5. Buddha Statue: Small BuddhaStatuefor dailyworship, that will helpfinding a path towards to achieving enlightenment.6. Offering Cups: 7 small offering cups representing seven limbs of human body and seven organs. They are used in purifying negative forces.7. Butter Lamp: Two small Butter lamps; ritual objects andscreedsymbol both in Buddhism and Hinduism.They symbolize transition from darkness (ignorance) to light ( bliss).8. Incense: Tulasi ( Ocimum sanctum) Incenses; they are burnt as offering to thedeities. It isbelievedthat your material desireswillbe burnt away and you're purified.Shipping:We will ship within 1 working days after the receipt of payment . We will ship through Express Courier and advise tracking number. We request to give us your phone number for speedy delivery.*********************************************************************************************************Delivery:USA/UK: 3 ~ 5 Working DaysAUS/ CANADA/ EU: 5 ~ 7 working daysRest : 7 ~9 working days********************************************************************************************************Import Duties, Tax:For international shipment , Import duties, taxes and other charges ( if any) at destination countries are of buyer ’s responsibility

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